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Last season was one that —without fear of being wrong— we can classify as glorious! We are proud that, looking back, we can see that, even with a path full of great challenges and unexpected challenges, we prevailed in our mission to promote the best of the international repertoire and sow in the youngest the seed of MUSIC —of that that fortifies, beautifies and restores.

Although it is true that we face enormous challenges as a country, it is also true that music can lead us towards tolerance, consensus and solidarity, while allowing us to achieve the emotional and spiritual restoration of our people.

With the new 2019-2020 Season, the Board of Directors and the Artistic Committee of Pro Arte Musical once again formulate a proposal of the highest level with renowned performers whose trajectories exemplify the commitment to musical excellence at a global level.

Your donations and memberships are fundamental to the existence of Pro Arte Musical. These provide us with the financial platform that the organization needs to keep the concert offer and the educational and community program active. Your support also helps to keep concert tickets at affordable prices, while offering children and young people the opportunity to share with great artists through our Open Music program. It presents master classes to students from specialized schools and the Music Conservatory, as well as concerts in community spaces with Roberto I. Ferdman Award-winning musicians.

It will be an immense pleasure to see you in the concert halls this season!

Very cordially,
Myrna M. Rivera Cardona

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There are different ways in which you can support the management of Pro Arte Musical. Choose the one that best suits your possibilities.

▹ Pro Arte Musical, Inc. is a 501c(3) NGO.


Your annual contribution will allow you to raise an Endowment Fund or investment account in perpetuity to pay for the continued operation of Pro Arte Musical. In this fund, the principal remains intact and growing, and only the income it generates is used as stipulated by the fund itself, the donors, or the legatees.


Sponsorships are a valuable contribution: all donations are tax deductible, you will enjoy extensive exposure, free tickets and the association of your brand with a prestigious organization that has contributed to the enrichment of the cultural life of the country for past 85 years.


Planned giving is a growing philanthropic industry and is critical to the future of nonprofit organizations. There are different ways to bequeath money or property to an organization, whether it be a testamentary assignment, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, gifts of real estate or other assets such as securities, retirement capital and life insurance policies. When you think about leaving your legacy, consider including Pro Arte Musical.

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In the Artist's Words

In the serigraphy, the fatal separation between Filí Melé (Euridice) and Palés (Orpheus) is dramatized by the proximity of the two hands that almost touch on Orpheus’ lyre. The lyre represents music, art, poetry. This is a metaphor of the fate that awaits the poet, who can only have access to his beloved through art and poetry. Art is seen here as the bridge that connects us with the spiritual world (Euridice is also the soul) and with the goddess as the archetype of nature.
By Rafael Trelles

For more information about the work:

(787) 722-3366

Filí Melé, The Getaway: Serigraphy by Rafael Trelles

Rafi Trelles is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized current Puerto Rican plastic artists in and outside of Puerto Rico. Trelles dedicates himself almost exclusively to oil, and recently, to non-traditional media. An engraving of Trelles is a rarity, which increases the economic value of our screen printing.

The print run is limited, only 100 copies and a handful of artist’s proofs were printed, also numbered, which increases its value. Size 22″ x 30″. It has more than 40 colors, which involve the same number of passes in each copy, a very elaborate work that gives the work unusual nuances and contrasts.

The theme is the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice transferred to what constitutes the culmination of the work of our greatest poet, Luis Palés Matos, the cycle of poems to Filí Melé, where it is exposed, in a parallelism with the erotic conquest, the paradox of the creative act: attempt to translate beauty into artistic language, which is never fully achieved and which is frustrated and even destroyed in the attempt, only to obsessively insinuate itself again in the mind of the creator.

The silkscreen shows the moment when Orpheus, thanks to music, has gained access to hell where her beloved Eurydice is, and is in the process of rescuing her from her. But Orfeo incurs in what has been forbidden him: to look at her. For this he will lose Euridice again. (The expressions on Orpheus’s face, upon verifying the effect of his transgression, at the very moment it occurs, and on Eurydice’s face, are exceptionally successful.) The verses with which Palés concludes his last poem of the cycle are descriptive of this painful frustration: “…lost and already conquered forever, faithful escape, Filí Melé abolished”.

The highly complex and exquisitely executed serigraph is replete with marine symbols, a Palés obsession, and allusions to African and Western myths as well as other Palés poems, such as the coiled serpent in Eurydice, reminiscent of the enigmatic figure of Lepromonida, one of his strangest poems. The game between the gazes of Orpheus, Eurydice, the serpent, the fish, the semi-submerged idol, the masks, recall the description that Palés makes, at the beginning of the first poem of the cycle, of the body of Filí Melé: “the body, crystallized nudity , it is nudity in light so naked, that when looking at it you look at the gaze”. And the clearly dreamlike atmosphere of the serigraphy evokes that same atmosphere of the verses of Palés “…and in the distance the wing of a candle is disappearing, it is going away, vanishing and I am also losing myself in it, and when I finally return, in a slight glimmer of consciousness, how far I already find myself from myself, what a strange world surrounds me…”

By: Lcdo. Juan C. Pérez Otero


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