Javier J. Hernández Acosta

Art Director

Javier J. Hernández Acosta, PhD, MBA (Ponce, Puerto Rico, 1978) He currently leads the School of Arts, Design and Creative Industries at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. He was director of the Department of Business Administration of the same University (2017-2021). He is the founder of Inversión Cultural and recently of the Center for Creative Economy, non-profit organizations that promote the development of cultural and creative companies in Puerto Rico. He has a doctorate in Business and Management Development from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico and a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus. He also completed a postgraduate degree in Management and Cultural Policies from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México. He is a self-taught percussionist musician and has collaborated with artists such as Antonio Cabán Vale “El Topo”, Roy Brown, Kany García, Tito Auger and Zoraida Santiago, among others. For four years he was the chief executive of Taller Cé, a singer-songwriter cooperative in Puerto Rico. He was Cultural Advisor of the Commission for Cultural Development (CODECU) and was a member of the Advisory Council of Creative Industries of Puerto Rico (2014-2018). He is an invited lecturer at the Master of Cultural Management and Administration (MAGAC) at the University of Puerto Rico where he designed the first course on Cultural Entrepreneurship. He has published in books and academic journals on the topics of entrepreneurship, cultural policy, and arts management, including the Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, the International Journal of Cultural Policy, and the International Journal of Arts Management. He has also published articles in the Business Forum and the ICP Magazine. He is the author of the Profile of the Creative Economy in Puerto Rico and the book Creative Entrepreneurship. He has been the principal investigator or co-investigator in projects such as the Puerto Rico Innovation Survey (2015), the Puerto Rico Science and Technology Survey: Research and Development (2014-2015) and the World Values ​​Survey in Puerto Rico – 2018. He has presented research in countries such as Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Japan, Chile, China, Spain, Bolivia, Estonia, Mexico, and Romania. He is a member of the board of directors of the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics and of the non-profit organizations Pública Espacio, Teatro Breve (President), 80 grados (Treasurer) and Pro Arte Musical (Artistic Director). He is also co-founder of Mentalidad3e, an entrepreneurship education initiative aimed at training teachers, professors and companies in various countries.